TEN nominations for Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards

We are extremely excited to announce that our recent Beenleigh Theatre Group production of BILLY BUCKETT has been nominated in TEN award categories in the Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards, including Outstanding Community Theatre Production.

Billy Buckett is also currently in the running for the Gold Palm award for the most nominated production across all categories.


Congratulations to ALL of our Bucketteers and to Beenleigh Theatre Group!  These nominations are a reflection and an acknowledgement of how well the BB team worked together to make this show a success.  We are ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to develop our musical with you.  THANK YOU for being on the team and for being a Billy Buckett Believer.

The GCATA Presentation Night is 10 December 2013 at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, preceded by a Nominees Cocktail party on Tuesday 3 December also at the GC Arts Centre.

Our award categories and nominees are:

Best Set Design                  Ian Johnson

Best Costumes                   Marg Oliver

Best Sound Design/Operation                        Lana Kristensen & Jay Turner

Best Choreographer           Hannah Crowther

Best Musical Director         Jay Turner & Cath Mundy

Best Director of a Musical or Musical Revue                  Roslyn Johnson

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Community Theatre Musical          Scott Young

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Community Theatre Musical                Allison Nipperess

Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Community Theatre Musical          Lauren Lee Innis-Youren

Outstanding Community Theatre Production

Chookas to all the nominees!  And remember that whatever the outcome on the night, simply to have been nominated is a great achievement and recognition in itself.

Premiere Season Sells Out

Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovers: Steve Dorrington as Billy Buckett and Lauren Innis-Youren in the role of Janette Burns. Image by Vincent Swift Photography
Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovers: Steve Dorrington as Billy Buckett and Lauren Innis-Youren in the role of Janette Burns. Image by Vincent Swift Photography

The World Premiere full production of BILLY BUCKETT – A ROCK ‘N’ ROLL LOVE STORY has sold out its entire season well ahead of its closing weekend and breaking several records for the Beenleigh Theatre Group.

At the Preview showing, the production received a joyful standing ovation – a Preview first for BTG – and has continued to received them from rapturous audiences at each performance since.

Rave reviews have been coming in from theatre critics, writers and audience members.  Audiences have well and truly caught the “Billy Buckett Buzz” and are clamouring for tickets for the final weekend.

The season cannot be extended, due to a number of reasons.  However, there is a waiting list for tickets for the last three shows (Fri 10 May 7.30pm, Sat 11 May 2pm & 7.30) in case of cancellations.

To join the waiting list, please email: cathjay@mundyturner.com

Like A Dynamo: Big Ted and Maureen played by Doug Rumble and Allison Nipperess
Like A Dynamo: Big Ted and Maureen played by Doug Rumble and Allison Nipperess

Tickets on Sale for World Premiere: 26 April – 11 May 2013 @ Crete Street Theatre, Beenleigh (Qld, Australia)


Tickets are now on sale for Beenleigh Theatre Group’s World Premiere full production of ”BILLY BUCKETT – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Story” at the Crete Street Theatre, Beenleigh (Qld, Australia), from 26 April to 11 May.

Info: beenleightheatregroup.com/billy-buckett/

Tickets: beenleightheatregroup.com/booking

What happens when a young man from the wrong side of the tracks dreams of rock’n’roll stardom?

Will he get his big break and top the charts? 

Can he woo the girl of his dreams?

Will he ever be good enough to win over her class-conscious parents?

Set in 1959 England at the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, BILLY BUCKETT is described as a musical with drama, pathos, and a delightfully daffy British sense of humour, set amongst the colourful era of Teddy-Boys & Judies.

Add in brilliant original music performed by a hot live band and a talented cast of 30 actors, singers and dancers, and you know you’re in for a great night of musical theatre.

Info: beenleightheatregroup.com/billy-buckett/

Tickets: beenleightheatregroup.com/booking

Rehearsals in Full Swing for World Premiere


Rehearsals are in full swing for Beenleigh Theatre Group’s World Premiere full production of Jay Turner’s rock ‘n’ roll musical BILLY BUCKETT at Crete Street Theatre, Beenleigh (Qld, Australia) from 26 April to 11 May 2013.
A talented cast of thirty-two actors, singers and dancers and a seven-piece band are working their socks off on the musical’s 19 song and dance routines.

“The band started rehearsals months prior to casting & are sounding hot.  It’s been years of hard work putting this all together, but it’s a dream come true for me to see the show coming to fruition in this way,” says Jay Turner.

BILLY BUCKETT creator Jay Turner and his partner Cath Mundy are co-writers, musical directors and directors, ably supported and assisted by Award-Winning Director/Dramaturg Ros Johnson.  “We’re so blessed we have a brilliant creative team working with us on every aspect of the production, from choreography, dramaturgy & direction, to lighting, sets, costumes, stage management, props & marketing.  Making theatre is a very intensive activity – it just wouldn’t be possible without our fabulous team.  We are grateful indeed.”

Jay is also enjoying the challenge of playing lead electric guitar in the band.  “For years as a performing singer-songwriter I’ve accommpanied myself as an acoustic guitarist – rhythm is my specialty.  So playing electric lead for BILLY BUCKETT is pushing me into a completely different style – more along the lines of Hank Marvin in The Shadows.  It’s a challenge but I’m loving it.”

Another exciting process has been the development of the BILLY BUCKETT logo.

Cath recounts: “A good friend of ours Rem Bruijn of Brainheart came on board to help us define & refine our concept, inspired by the iconic logos of the most well-known musicals in the world.”

“Rem worked with designer/art director Jesse Richardson of BlueGoo came up with a number of logo/poster designs.  The chrome, the deep blood-red and classic vintage car-badge image is so evocative of era.  It reminds us of the British Mini.

 It’s just perfect for BILLY BUCKETT and we envisage the logo will travel with the musical wherever it’s produced in the future.”